Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra

Shvaas Preksha

Speed and rhythm of the breath is barometer of one’s physical, mental or emotional health.In Preksha Meditation, the technique of Shvaas Preksha or perception of breathing is a scientific technique used to establishing a state of calmness by monitoring the rate and rhythm of breathing. By gaining control and relaxing the rate and rhythm of breathing, Shvaas Preksha helps the individual in achieving and sustaining balance of energy within the body, regulate bodily functions, heighten awareness and mental concentration and gain extra sensory perceptions and intuition.

Procedure of Shvaas Preksha

The practice starts with Kayotsarga followed by deep inhalation and exhalation. The time taken to inhale should be equal to the time taken to exhale. Then focus is shifted to naval (Tejas Kendra) and movement of abdomen with each breath is observed with awareness. Inward and outward movement of naval should be observed with each breath. next step is to observe flow of breath and its nature at nostrils i.e., (the coolness and hotness of each single breath) and journey continues with awareness of each and every breath.

Shvaas Preksha is instrumental in:

  • Achieving and sustaining a state of equanimity
  • To constitute and develop homeostasis in the body functions and actions
  • To obtain higher levels of awareness
  •  At heightened level, one can witness subtle layers of vibrations.
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