Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra

Shareer Preksha

Another important sub-component of Preksha Meditation is Shareer Preksha which entails the observation of the subtlest phenomena occurring in every cell of the physical body through the process of deep concentration.

The basis of Shareer Preksha lies in the knowledge that the true self can only be realized through a journey which begins with the physical existence or body. The consciousness can only exercise its power in ensuring the holistic wellbeing and development of the individual if it has a healthy physical body to manifest itself.

Procedure of Shareer Preksha 

In Shareer Preksha, the process starts with KAYOTSARGA and then the consciousness flows from inside to outside, beginning with the awareness of the superficial sensations affecting the skin, the sensation of muscular movements, followed by the awareness of the sensations of the organs within our body, and finally, awareness of the electrical impulses that travel within our nervous system.

Benefits of Shareer Preksha

Shareer Preksha is extremely beneficial in making the practitioner aware of the functioning and mysteries of their physical existence and body and in the attainment of better physical health. At the physical level, it revitalizes every single cell within the body, improves digestion and circulation, enhances the efficiency of the nervous system. It is also instrumental in improving concentration and realizing the manifestation of the consciousness.

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