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Preksha Eye Yoga

Our eyes are the vital organs for sight and increasingly, owing to the significant amount of time we spend under artificial light, staring at the

Preksha Meditation offers cure and management for a number of disorders and ailments for patients of all ages. The practice of Preksha eye yoga, undertaken routinely for patients with eye disorders visiting the Kendra, has helped bring about a significant improvement in the visibility and eyesight of practitioners. With the help of certain asanas and specific exercises, along with a proper diet, practitioners of Preksha eye yoga have shown great promise, with decrease in the power of the eye (requiring the use of spectacles) being one of the most manifest benefits. Patients have also recorded better clarity, focus and less tiredness of the eyes after the adoption of Preksha eye yoga.

Practitioners of Preksha eye yoga must also include the following general precautions in their lifestyle:

  • Blink more often, as it relieves and relaxes the tired muscles of the eye.
  • Reduce the time spent gazing at the screen of the mobile/laptop.
  • Clean your eyes with filtered water.
  • Get regular eye examinations.
  • Avoid working in poor light.
  • Include foods rich in vitamins and carotenoids, found abundantly in leafy green vegetables.
  • Drink alkaline water.
  • If your power has changed, change the lenses of your spectacles.

While the general dos and don’ts in terms of precautions for the eyes are applicable for all patients, individual conditions are also taken into consideration while formulating the solutions and program pattern for each patient. For patients attending the Kendra’s residential camps, an environment is created where they are given a proper routine to follow pertaining to diet, exercise, lifestyle and yogasanas under the guidance of the gurus and therapists at the Kendra. Patients are also advised to continue to practice Preksha eye yoga daily even after discharge from the camp for prolonged benefits.

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