Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra

Leshya Dhyan

The universe around is made up of electromagnetic radiations which we perceive in the form of colours. Different colours are differentiated by our senses on account of the difference in the wavelength and frequency of these colours.

In Preksha Meditation, colour meditation, also known as Leshya Dhyaan, is focused on the colour radiations in and around us. Our thoughts emit energy in the form of colour vibrations which is known as Leshya and this determines our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Thus, Leshya is the state of mind which determines our overall well-being.

In Leshya Dhyaan, the objective is to address the imbalance of energy by visualizing colours and attracting the energy associated with them through guided colour meditation. This is based on the understanding that each colour in the universe is associated with particular energy vibrations which in turn are associated with particular states of mind: green is the colour of happiness; white invokes peace; red is the colour of vibrant energy; blue is the colour of health. Correspondingly, an unhappy individual may visualize the colour green to invoke happiness; someone feeling depressed can visualize red colour to feel energized; a person seething in anger will find peace by visualizing the colour white; and a person battling poor health can attract good health by visualizing the colour blue, and so on.

The focus on emotions in Leshya Dhyaan in Preksha lies in the belief that all our disorders, physical, mental, spiritual, are rooted in the state of our emotions, our state of mind, or in Leshya. Addressing the state of Leshya in our being can lead us to a more balanced existence.

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