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In Preksha Dhyaan, the ultimate aim is to know one’s true self and the journey to knowing one’s true self is what is known as Kayotsarga. Literally, Kayotsarga may be translated as kaya ka utsarg, i.e., releasing the body from the consciousness or realizing the separation, the independence of the body and the consciousness. In Preksha Dhyaan, the journey of meditation can in fact be said to have begun with Kayotsarga, where the body, the sensory organs, and the mind are relaxed, in turn bringing about reduction in the thought process as well. This ultimate realization of the separation of the body and the consciousness takes place and we are able to connect to the consciousness, thus bringing the journey to an end. 

Kayotsarga is greatly beneficial to its practitioners, not just in realizing their true self but also in providing release from physical, mental and emotional stress. The practice of Kayotsarga can help the practitioner in achieving a balanced state of mind. This in turn brings about a positive transformation in the thought process and actions of the individual, effecting a positive transformation physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   

Procedure of Kayotsarga 

Kayotsarga seeks to achieve the relaxation of the mind and body and connect with consciousness. As such, it works through the power of auto suggestion to relax the physical body, the organs, the neuroendocrine system, and ultimately our thoughts. Kayotsarga can be practiced standing, sitting or lying down and the practitioner must ensure the stability of the body at all times. It can be practiced at any time of the day and a minimum of 30 minutes every day must be invested towards this practice.

To begin with, after acquiring the desired position of sitting or lying down in a comfortable place, concentrate on the big toe of the right leg and send it the autosuggestion to relax. Following the similar step, send autosuggestions to the remaining parts of the body, one by one, urging them to relax completely. Once the entire body, from the toe to the top of the head, is completely relaxed, you will feel your muscles relaxing, and as your nerves relax as well, your thought process will also slow down, calming your breathing. As you enter this state of complete relaxation with the slowing down of the breath, recall the separation of the soul from the body and feel the separate existence of the soul. Attempt to completely forget your body and reach out to your inner self, to your subconscious. Remove all other thoughts from your mind and enter a state of emptiness where you will connect with your true self through meditation. 

Benefits of Kayotsarga 

  • It helps in gaining control over our negative emotions and brings about a positive transformation in our thoughts and actions.
  • It has been observed that half an hour of practicing Kayotsarga is more refreshing than 2 hours of sleep.
  • Kayotsarga can help cure several chronic heart ailments and keep the heart healthy, as has been observed in patients with heart complications attending camps at Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra in Delhi and other Preksha centres.
  • 45 minutes of regular practice of Kayotsarga is also effective in curing sleep disorders in patients.
  • In terms of meditational practice, this is the beginning, as well as end of the realising the ultimate. 
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