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Internal Trip

Antaryatra or Internal Trip is a technique in Preksha Meditation to journey within and become familiar with one’s inner world to realize one’s true self.

In Antaryatra, there is the flow of consciousness through the Central Nervous System (CNS). It begins with initiating the upward movement of vital energy from the Shakti kendra (the mid-point of the source of energy) towards the Gyaan kendra (the mid-point and source of knowledge). There is the inward flow of consciousness from the ida and pingla (parasympathetic and sympathetic respectively) towards the sushmana (spinal cord).

The aim of the internal trip is to harness the vital energy within to cultivate the power of self-restraint and create a foundation for deep meditation. This is attained through the exploration of the unexplored regions of positive energy situated within us.  

Procedure of Antaryatra:

The practice starts with KAYOTSARGA so as to stabilise the body and mind, slow down the breathing and thought process. Once this is achieved, focus shifts to Shakti Kendra(Centre of Energy) and through the process of visualisation, energy is lifted to the Gyan Kendra(Centre of Knowledge). It travels through the Sushumna(Spinal cord), thus touching the entire neuro endocrine system. The journey is aligned with the breathing process to ensure of rhythm and focus.

Benefits of Antaryatra

  • It is one of the most powerful technique to energise the entire system.
  • All the energy centres get activated.
  • Free flow of energy in Sushumna is key to reaching the ultimate.
  • One can call it Kundalini awakening also.
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