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The human mind is beset with a variety of thoughts which may be positive and negative in nature. Our thoughts can be channelled into a positive direction through what is called as Anupreksha or contemplation in Preksha meditation.

Anupreksha is based on the root tenet that whatever thoughts occur in our conscious mind, they keep accumulating in our subconscious mind without any filter as the latter does not make a distinction between reality and imagination and the repetitive accumulation of particular types of thoughts in our subconscious mind over time becomes part of our nature or personality.

Clearing the conscious and subconscious mind of negative thoughts can be accomplished through contemplation or Anupreksha which is a method of registering a positive thought over and over again in the subconscious mind. 

Procedure of Anupreksha

There is a defined process for this wherein first and foremost we have to bring about deep relaxation, beginning with the relaxation of the body, slowing down the breath and consequently the thought process through Kayotsarga.

The complete relaxation of the body begins the process of the connection with the subconscious mind. This is the time when we move over to colour meditation or Leshya Dhyaan and we meditate upon a particular colour depending upon our requirement. After we have filled ourselves with the colour energy, at a particular psychic centre, we start giving an autosuggestion to our mind which is positive in nature. This leads to the transformation of the entire thought process in the direction of positive thinking.

Benefits Of Anupreksha

There are at least 23 methods of contemplation or Anupreksha which are very powerful and help us in substituting the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This process can be used for almost each and every problem we face in life and it helps us in overcoming them. Thus, contemplation is an extremely powerful tool in Preksha meditation to convert a negative thought process or negative personality into a positive thought process or positive personality and serves individuals in improving not just their thought process but also their personalities. 

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