The consulting naturopathy will decide the type and duration of the naturopathy treatment to be provided. The cost will work out to Rs1000/- per day.
Similarly, the dietician will take group session and make a nutrition plan for the group. However individual consultations are chargeable. Attractive packages are also available.
Special treatment like eye yoga, acupressure, moxibustion, psychotherapy, and special therapies are need based and are chargeable in addition to the camp fee.

 Not really. But staying in the serene and environment of the Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra and the isolation from external and internal disturbances can make the treatment more effective. While staying at ASK you will get regulated diet and comprehensive schedule covering all aspects of wellness. Hence the results will be faster and more visible. In fact, the longer the stay the better the result.

 Besides the 7-day camps, ASK offers flexible walk in option covering yoga, meditation etc. We also offer customised programmes for groups for yoga, pranayam, meditation, naturopathy etc.

ASK offers a 3 day Corporate Excellence programme over weekends.

We can design special programmes for groups. These programmes can be for half day, one day, weekend or longer depending the group requirement.

 The food served is wholesome, nutritious and natural. The diet is primarily plant based and can also be customised for individual needs.

 Please carry lose clothing as per the weather, in winters include warm cloths, personal toiletries and towels, sufficient medicine for your period of stay and your medical records and history.

Please avoid bring your laptop and electronic gadgets. A digital detox will go a long way to help you get most out of your stay at ASK.

It is a residential camp of 7 days duration

You can register for the camp online through our website http://register.askpreksha.com

Security deposit of INR 1,000 is payable at the time of reporting and is refundable when the camp ends.

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Any equipment like Jalneti Pot, Sutraneti etc used in Naturopathy treatment is purchasable. No other hidden cost.

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