Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra

3 Day Corporate Excellence Program

In the present age, stress has become a part of the life of any and every working professional. As the workspace becomes more competitive and demanding, professionals across the spectrum are faced with strain, pressure and often, anxiety, which affects their overall wellbeing.

The Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra conducts 3-day wellness camps–Corporate Excellence (CE) Programs–for corporate executives to help them navigate the demands of their challenging lives with greater success and for peace of mind. The objective of this camp is to heal the body and mind of the individual through the idea of minimal thinking in consonance with minimal eating.

The aim of the program is to:

Cultivate the Alpha personality

Alpha is a state of physical, mental and emotional balance wherein optimal performance is promoted while ensuring no burnout. The CE program endeavours to cultivate the Alpha personality of executives to help them find a way to maximize their performance output without undue stress.

Promote Intuitive Decision-Making

One of the most important traits for corporate executives in present times is efficient decision-making. Many a time, the most effective solutions to critical problems come from within, through what is known in common parlance as the ‘gut feeling’. Through the CE program, it is our aim to cultivate the individual mind towards better intuitive decision-making.

Develop the Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Quotient

Emotional intelligence can help individuals improve their performance and balance their professional and personal lives. Our CE program provides participants with a host of practical tips and advice to enhance their emotional quotient in all areas of their life.

Create a Healthy Body and Creative Mind

Based on the principle, “Eating less energizes the boy, Thinking less quietens the mind”, the CE program seeks to help participants minimize their thoughts in conjunction with eating light and right so as to promote a healthier body and a more creative mind.

A schedule of the upcoming camps to be held at the Kendra is as follows:

  • 21th February — 23rd February 2020
  • 20th March — 22nd March 2020
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