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Ms. Nisha

Ms. Nisha

I am Nisha, age 40. Right now I am in Prekshadhyan Swasthya Shivir. First of all I am very-very thankful to each and every person in this place for providing us such a perfect place to get rid of stress, tension and health problem at one place withoutany medicine. If I use a word “spiritual healing” for this camp, it could be perfect according to me. It is an amazing place where work is done to cure our disease in Naturally and in a scientific way which we had never imagine earlier and make us free from stress by Preksha Dhyan, Kayotsarg and many other kinds of meditation. They work like a magic on our body. These (techniques) Dhyana’s actually rejuvenate our body and mind. They actually teach us “how to live” and “how to preserve ourself” and even “how to love our self”.

I am really thankful to management where all the teachers are perfectly trained and also very helpful. I am also grateful to Dr. B. K. Gupta who motivates us to join this camp and providing his service to us in a cool, calm and perfect way. He is one of the best. Ajay Sharma is an excellent teacher of Physiology. His lectures are unforgettable. He can make anyone excited to attend his lectures. Mr. Mukesh’s lectures about Pranayam and Ashtang Yoga were best and easy to perceive. Mr. Deepak, our Yoga instructor is so calm, helpful and hard working and is ever ready to provide his services any time. Pratima is also hardworking and friendly.

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