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To Be In Present Is The Real Meditation

Meditation Center in Delhi NCRINTRODUCTION

“Who Am I?” is the question which has wondered the human since the life started on the earth. To understand the concept of our inner soul, meditation is the best tool one can adopt. Meditation is not confined to the boundaries of a single definition. It is the fusion of our mind, body and soul. Meditation means to perceive the reality or authenticity of life. Normally, we either live in the world of our past memories or future desires. We hardly pay any attention to our present, which we are having in the palm of our time. Our present is our actual truth, but we usually spend a large span of our life visualizing either the pain of our past or the beautiful imagination of our future. Our mind is habitual of living in the thoughts of imaginative world. But when we observe our present without having any burden of our past or future, then we can taste the reality within us. So, to concentrate on your present is the best way of meditation.


Meditation Center in Delhi NCR

People often talk about moksha, salvation or nirvana. From the Religious perspective, to attain the salvation is considered as the ultimate aim of a soul. Attaining salvation is something we are seeking in future. But seeking anything in future brings you suffering. Salvation is a state of total relaxation and completeness of soul and that state of soul can be attained only when our mind will be free from the debris of our past’s memories and future’s expectations. So, without keeping any expectations about future, start living in the present aimlessly. Enjoy the beauty and calmness of present.


Present is a beautiful time given to us by God. And, it is very easy to be in present. Mostly people claim that they are enjoying in their present completely and they don’t need any check on their thoughts. But I want to question them are they really living in their present? Are they really noticing the things going around them? Unfortunately the answer is No. Because we spend our most of the time and thought energy in thinking either about our past or planning our future, which is actually a waste.

Meditation Center in Delhi NCRYou can convert your imagination in reality only when your energy is focussed at one certain point. Scattered thoughts reduce the intensity of our pran urja (vital energy) which results in increment of stress and depression level. So, to have peace and calmness, your thoughts should be focussed and sharp. To have a clear vision of thoughts meditation is the best way. Meditation reduces your thought frequency as well as increases your concentration. So, for achieving that state you should start with the first step and that is, to live in your present.         

You can practise this even in your daily life at your home, at your office, in garden anywhere you want. Observe the things going around you without giving your opinion / views over that. Watch the happenings carefully, without thinking about them. For instance, if you are walking down the stairs, pay attention on each of your step carefully. Pay attention to the things happenings around you thoughtlessly. This experiment will help you to remain with the time, which will automatically reduce your thoughts and reduction in the number of thoughts will take you to the meditational and spiritual world.

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"Mr KC Jain inspired me to visit Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra Chhatarpur n do the Mantra Chanting in a unique scientific rhythmatic way n experience the difference both internally as also through Aura Scanning being done there. What I witnessed on 28th September was amazing. I entered meditative state within minutes of rhythmatic chanting n my pre n post scanning results just stunned me ( scans attached). I guess a combination of spiritual environment in Mantra Chanting room n the way it's being administered has played the critical role. Impact study by way of Aura scanning is bound to inspire each one. I thank Sh KC Jain for having invited me there n wish him n the Kendra all the best. SAYAR BENGANI DELHI"

अजित जैन , दिल्ली

अजित जैन , दिल्ली

"मैंने अपनी धर्मपत्नी के साथ अध्यात्म साधना केंद्र में हो रहे प्रेक्षा ध्यान शिविर में स्वास्थ्य हेतु भाग लिया । मेरी पत्नी के घुटनों में और बीपी में बहुत ज्यादा समस्या बढे होने के कारण दूसरे दिन हमने घर वापस जाने का निर्णय लिया। परंतु श्री के सी जैन के आश्वासन पर हमने 2 दिन और रुकने का फैसला लिया। यहां की योग थैरेपिस्ट ने जो उपचार प्रदान किया ना सिर्फ दर्द में आराम आया बल्कि वह बिना सहारे के चलने में सक्षम हो गई साथ में बढ़ी हुई बीपी में भी साइकोथेरेपी से विशेष फायदा हुआ । 7 दिन के प्रेक्षा ध्यान शिविर करने के उपरांत मेरी पत्नी पूरी तरह स्वस्थ महसूस कर रही हैं, हमने जाना की समस्या का कारण हम खुद हैं और समाधान भी भीतर है। मैं खुद भी अपने फ्रोजेन शोल्डर को पूरी तरह से स्वस्थ महसूस कर रहा हूं और मैंने 3 किलो वजन भी कम किया है। यहां पर हो रहे गहन वैज्ञानिक शोधों को AIIMS की रिसर्च टीम ने भी प्रमाणित किया है। पूरी टीम को हार्दिक धन्यवाद। नाम -अजित जैन , दिल्ली"

Raymond Vokwana Director, ARMSCORE,

Raymond Vokwana Director, ARMSCORE,

""What a wonderful experience!!! He captured my imagination. I am looking forward to my 10 days retreat. It was all mind boggling. We realize every day how little we know."""

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