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International Yoga Fest - 2016

A Curtain Raiser for International Day of Yoga - 2016 

International Yoga Fest 2016

Preksha Meditation Centre - Adhyatm Sadhna Kendra was a proud participant of “International Yoga Fest” a curtain raiser of International Day of Yoga from April 20-22, 2016 and is been invited by Ministry of AYUSH  to be a part of this fest. 

Under the auspices of Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, this gala event was organized by Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) to sensitize the masses regarding celebration of IDY. This was the first ever grand event being hosted at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi, from 20-22 April, 2016. 

International Yoga Fest 2016

Following things were performed by Adhyatm Sadhna Kendra at the International Yoga Fest:

  1. Lecture / Special Yoga Techniques/Yoga Demo by Yoga Masters Mr. Deepak Sharma
  2. Lectures and practices of Presha Meditation by Mr. K.C. Jain and Mr. Ramesh Kandpal
  3. Lecture on Naturopathy - Introduction & Benefits by Dr. B. K. Gupta
  4. Book Stall on Yoga and Meditation

Venue: Hall No. 104, Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi - 110004

Our Yoga and Meditation Workshop was focused on nurturing, restorative and quietly energising asana and meditation techniques and sequences in the context of an ongoing personal practice. It was truly great to be sharing the experience with a group of people of varying ages from a variety of life situations all-round the globe to connect.

The workshop was attended by a number of Yoga and Meditation enthusiasts who came from every part of the globe. The attendees learn the soul basics of Yoga and Meditation and joyfully practiced dhyan and various asanas under the supervision of our eminent Yoga Gurus. We got massive response from the participants at our workshop and they showed their keen interest in learning Preksha Meditation and Yoga techniques.




"Mr KC Jain inspired me to visit Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra Chhatarpur n do the Mantra Chanting in a unique scientific rhythmatic way n experience the difference both internally as also through Aura Scanning being done there. What I witnessed on 28th September was amazing. I entered meditative state within minutes of rhythmatic chanting n my pre n post scanning results just stunned me ( scans attached). I guess a combination of spiritual environment in Mantra Chanting room n the way it's being administered has played the critical role. Impact study by way of Aura scanning is bound to inspire each one. I thank Sh KC Jain for having invited me there n wish him n the Kendra all the best. SAYAR BENGANI DELHI"

अजित जैन , दिल्ली

अजित जैन , दिल्ली

"मैंने अपनी धर्मपत्नी के साथ अध्यात्म साधना केंद्र में हो रहे प्रेक्षा ध्यान शिविर में स्वास्थ्य हेतु भाग लिया । मेरी पत्नी के घुटनों में और बीपी में बहुत ज्यादा समस्या बढे होने के कारण दूसरे दिन हमने घर वापस जाने का निर्णय लिया। परंतु श्री के सी जैन के आश्वासन पर हमने 2 दिन और रुकने का फैसला लिया। यहां की योग थैरेपिस्ट ने जो उपचार प्रदान किया ना सिर्फ दर्द में आराम आया बल्कि वह बिना सहारे के चलने में सक्षम हो गई साथ में बढ़ी हुई बीपी में भी साइकोथेरेपी से विशेष फायदा हुआ । 7 दिन के प्रेक्षा ध्यान शिविर करने के उपरांत मेरी पत्नी पूरी तरह स्वस्थ महसूस कर रही हैं, हमने जाना की समस्या का कारण हम खुद हैं और समाधान भी भीतर है। मैं खुद भी अपने फ्रोजेन शोल्डर को पूरी तरह से स्वस्थ महसूस कर रहा हूं और मैंने 3 किलो वजन भी कम किया है। यहां पर हो रहे गहन वैज्ञानिक शोधों को AIIMS की रिसर्च टीम ने भी प्रमाणित किया है। पूरी टीम को हार्दिक धन्यवाद। नाम -अजित जैन , दिल्ली"

Raymond Vokwana Director, ARMSCORE,

Raymond Vokwana Director, ARMSCORE,

""What a wonderful experience!!! He captured my imagination. I am looking forward to my 10 days retreat. It was all mind boggling. We realize every day how little we know."""

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